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5 Weekend Tips That Will Help You Succeed

No matter how ambitious you are and how much you want to succeed, weekends are that sacred time when you get to leave your business alone and spend time relaxing and enjoying yourself. The trouble is as an entrepreneur it is difficult to just shut off from work. Unlike many employees who can turn off their work mind along with their computer on a Friday evening, instead your mind is still on your business.
If you do have trouble unwinding over the weekend then here are some tips to making the most of these two days that will also help your business succeed:


It might be tempting to forego exercising during the weekend, especially if you’re not really into keeping fit, however finding some time to exercise will help to keep your energy levels up and keep you in good general health. Exercising at the weekend is especially important if you struggle to fit it in during the week, as it will give you the chance to fit in a longer, more focused workout.
If the thought of spending your weekend in the gym sweating alongside fitness fanatics a bit boring, try to find an alternative exercise you enjoy. Consider heading outdoors for a long hike or bike ride. Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit different perhaps take up climbing or surfing. If you would rather do something more social, how about joining a sports team?


Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially if you are working entirely on your own. Long hours of having practically no interaction with other people can begin to take its toll and can create feelings of loneliness and isolation. In addition to this, often when friends are heading for after work drinks, meals or trips to the cinema you will instead need to stay at home working on your business.
This is why it is important to use your weekends to socialise. Spend time with your family and friends, even if it is just meeting up for a coffee. This will help you to take a break from your business, relax and connect with those close to you.


As a young business owner you have the advantage of being able to survive on little sleep, however everyone is capable of getting burn-out, no matter their age. If you find yourself getting less than seven hours sleep a night use your weekend to catch up on your sleep. Although it is not a long-term alternative to a regular solid sleep pattern, it will help your body and mind to recover and re-energise ready for the week ahead. Getting to bed at a decent time on Sunday will also help to set you up for the week.

Get outdoors

Most business owners are office bound and can spend long hours stuck indoors. This is even worse if you are working from home or commute to and from the office by car, as it means you are spending even less time outside. If this sounds familiar, use your weekend as a time to get outdoors. Whether it is going for a run or just a short walk, spending time outside will help to improve your energy levels, refresh your mind and enhance your creativity.


It is unrealistic to say you are not going to do any work over the weekend, however if you do need to do so it is a good idea to pre-plan how many hours you are going to work before you start. Working to a set time-frame, rather than a task list, will stop you from spending your entire day working.