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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

When you look back on your life what do you want to see? I believe you will reminisce most about the experiences you have and the people you shared those experiences with. The list I have compiled is diverse but I think there is one consistency. They do not involve material possessions. When your first 30 years are in the rear view mirror you will treasure the things you did with the people you loved not the Ferrari you drove around alone. With that said, here is my list of 30 things to do before you turn 30. Take some, add some of your own. I have a decent start but still a long way to go. So get started experiencing life and not letting life happen to you.

1. See the Grand Canyon
Because you realize how small we all really are.

2. Try out for a sports team
You are only young once, go for it!

3. Read the 4 Hour Work Week
You want to have time to do everything else on the list don’t you?

4. Run a race for charity
Get in shape, give back ‘nuff said!

5. Write a poem-I don’t care if its for your mom/girlfriend/puppy.
Get creative and expand your mind

6. Go to the Hoover Dam
It’s amazing to think how people built such an amazing structure in 1931.

7. Research your family history
Good, bad, or indifferent, we all come from somewhere and it can help shape where we are going.

8. Travel to other countries
Expand your worldview. Other countries have a lot to offer and it will also help you appreciate your own country.

9. Enter a food eating contest
Because if you do it when your old, your stomach might explode.

10. Learn another language
It will help you in your travels, career, and you might just make some new friends.

11. Set aside time to meditate
Who are you? What do you believe? Where are you headed?

12. Go to a classical music concert
Yes, there was music before hip hop and rock, learn to appreciate.

13. Vote
Hopefully you have done this since you were 18. If not, start!

14. Mentor those younger than you
You will learn more and you will make a big impact in others lives.

15. If you are not “creative” take an art class
It will open you up to thinking about things differently and you may just find out you are more “creative” than you thought.

16. Join Toastmasters
Everyone can use help in communicating no matter your position in life.

17. Go on a food road trip
Some of the most fun times you will have with your friends. So, pick some unique restaurants around the country and hit the road!’

18. Go skydiving
Why? Because it’s SKYDIVING!

19. Go to Washington DC
Regardless of your political beliefs you should appreciate what our forefathers built for us.

20. Serve at a food kitchen
Humbling and extremely gratifying.

21. Do something you are afraid to do everyday
I’m not talking about dangerous, I’m talking about challenging yourself.

22. Host a dinner party
Invite the most interesting people you know, not necessarily your closest friends 23. Go to Niagara Falls-WOW…

24. Learn sign language
Learning new ways to communicate expands your reach in the world and how you can impact.

25. Go on a camping trip and leave your cell and Ipod at home
You will realize there was life before Apple, people will survive without your tweets, and you will be able to think very clearly.

26. Write a book
It doesn’t have to be published, but put to pen something you are passionate about.

27. Learn to play an instrument
Who can resist a musician?

28. Follow your favorite band or sports team for a week or two
Because it would be epic!

29. Take care of your body
If you don’t when you’re young, you most certainly won’t when you are older.

30. Become a CEO
Because, you have a lot of talent to contribute to your company and have a responsibility to make a difference in the world.

“I believe everyone has the responsibility to create beauty, share ideas, and inspire others to action. I am passionate about creating and sharing ideas about leadership and the evolution of today’s work environment, as well as helping others create a lifestyle they love and NOT just a career. I invite you to join me as I explore and share my passions, and hopefully, along the way assist you in finding yours.”