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Child Care Tips

What is Good Child Care?

The simplest definition for child care is caring for children and supervising their physical and mental growth. Keeping the child safe, healthy and mature is the goals of child care. It includes all the aspects of life. Though the definition seems simple, when expanded, child care is not an easy task and it requires a lot of patience, dedication and strong will to nurture the kids to grow as accomplished human beings.

Child care refers to children up to the age of eight, commonly. From the very infancy to the late childhood, they need to be cared and nurtured. The initial periods of the life of a human being is very important as it is the childhood that helps a child to acquire the basic knowledge, skills and will to face the future life.

Infant Child Care

Early child care refers to the care given to children at infancy. Infants need to be attended by a person always as they are so helpless to even express their needs. They just cry when they are sad and smile when they are comfortable. These are the only two determinable expressions in the infancy. Parents need to read all their needs from their physical actions and expressions. Infancy is a period when children may develop so many physical illnesses as their skin and immunity system is so delicate. Proper care is essential to keep the baby healthy and smart. When they start playing with toys, buy them toys that help developing curiosity and intelligence.

Advanced child care from age 1-5

Child care by all the means is executed from the age one to five. They start talking, learning and exploring the world at the age of one. This is the nature’s technique to make the baby adaptable for the future life in the world.
At this stage, the role of parents changes into that of a supervising authority. Child will learn everything by him/her, but parents need to supervise all the activities and interfere to condition their behavior, knowledge and skills to be socially acceptable. Physical safety of kids is a major challenge to parents as in this age they may try to touch or feel any object that reaches their hand. All the poisonous, sharp and dangerous objects must be kept away from the reach of children.
According to modern academic trends not later than three, children are admitted into kindergartens. Parents can effectively train children to make them familiar with the learning practices and also to make them comfortable with school routines and schedules

Child care at later childhood

Later childhood is period from age of five till the teenage. This period is crucial for parents and children as it is in the later childhood, children start thinking freely and take decisions on life. They try to be independent and learn the basics of social life. It is at the later childhood, children practice all the skill they have learned till then. They get into lot of stress and tensions related to the academic life and the newly attained freedom. Children are expected to perform personal duties and adhere to certain obligations.
Parental involvement and interference is essential at the later childhood to mould the kids as responsible social beings and well mannered individuals. Right from selecting friends to deciding on day-today routines, parents need to supervise the children. It is important that parents should understand the ager requirements of children and help them to cop up with the stress of the particular time period. Teach them the ways of dealing with the society and accomplishing the responsibilities to parents, friends and all co-beings.