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Dealing with Emotions of Children

Feelings and emotions are basics instincts of human beings and even a newborn can express various emotions. Human feelings are very much spontaneous and we have less control over them, though deliberate efforts may help to control them to a certain level. People cry when they feel sad and laugh when they are happy; this the most natural way of expression of emotions.

  • But society and social life demands us certain level of authority on our emotions and we hide or release them in a controlled manner when situation is not favorable. Children do experience the emotions and feelings same as or a level higher than adults. Parents are the only persons to understand and deal with the feelings of kids. Proper emotional grooming is necessary for growing them up as mature human beings.
  • The expressions of emotions at the infancy are to communicate with the parents what the child feels. They cry or make noise to attract the attention of parents. By attending to the feelings of baby helps he/she develop a feeling of trust. Children may have intense attachment with parents who immediately respond to the feelings of children. Children may not express the feelings in the same way elder people do. Newborn babies know only to cry and show certain gestures. All their feelings are expressed through these limited actions. Parents are to be skilled enough to learn from these expressions what the baby feels.
  • Teach children to communicate clearly all their feelings. This can be started when the children have started talking. Train them with the words that stand for each emotions. This helps parents to understand the exact situation the child feels. Better communication of feelings and emotions help later when they go to school. At school teachers may not understand a child as parents do. If children can communicate clearly; even teachers can render a helping hand when child feels extreme emotions.
  • Parents can teach children to handle extreme or intense situations. There are several emotion coping strategies designed especially for kids. Teach them to calm down when they are sad or angry by diverting their attention or being at peaceful places. Also, convince them not to get angry or sad on trivial matters. By deliberately controlling intense emotions, children will learn not to get angry or sad on minor issues. Give them tools like stress balls. This is helpful to transfer the tension and divert minds into stress-less conditions.
  • Introduce all sorts of feelings to them. When telling stories or watching movies, they will see the expression of various emotions. Tell them about various feelings and teach them ways of flowing them out in the most socially acceptable way. It is important to make them understand that feelings are quite common in human life and there is nothing to worry or shy to cry or laugh. But tell them not do them in the inappropriate places.
  • While teaching them about the various emotions and feelings, make them aware of the feelings of others too. It is the bounding duty of parents to train kids to respect the emotions of others. Only when children learn to understand and respect the feelings of co-beings, they become perfect social beings. Respecting the feelings and emotions of others will help kids to maintain healthy relationships and mutual respect with classmates and other members in the society.
  • Suppressing the emotions is the most destructive way of dealing with them. Parents can teach kids to express emotions in a controlled way, but never to suppress them. Most of the emotional expressions and the nature’s way of keeping man stress-free and tension-less. Human beings will mentally breakdown if the emotions and not properly channeled out. Scolding kids when they cry or when they angry will make them feel that expressing emotions is prohibited. This will lead to stress and emotional breakdown. Respond to the feelings of kids and help them to get revealed of them.
  • If the child develops violent nature of destructive behaviors when he/she feels intense emotions, then they are to be amended by proper psychological approach. Many kids throw away things when they are angry or hurt other when they are tensed. Such behaviors will lead to behavioral abnormalities in the future. Parents have to stop kids doing such activities and teach them how to channel out emotions and stress. Parents are best teachers and role models for kids. Never express your emotions violently before kids. Shouting at people, scolding others loudly etc., give them with an idea of violent expressions of emotions.