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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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How to acquire parenting skills

Every parent dreams of being the best parent. There are certain elements that make a parent skilled. Parenting is not a part-time activity but a full time and dedicated practice. Knowledge on certain aspects and acquired skills will make every parent a successful parent. Parenting can’t be taught theoretically as it is an art to be learned by practice. Only when a person becomes a parent, he/she can well verse in the art of parenting; though theories may backup with the essential guidelines to perform the duties of parenting.

There are no measurements to classify parents as best and worse. It is purely subjective and if the parents act in the best possible ways in the given situation using the best available resources, then they are best parents. Parenting is an action performed with a goal of wellbeing and perfect growth and development of children. There are no immediate results waiting in parenting, thus knowing if the methods are right is a difficult task. A parent with proper skills can excel in the art of parenting.

As mentioned, parenting is a learning experience. It is always better to learn from mistakes in parenting. There are no 100% perfect parents in the words, thus depending on anybody on absolute tips is a wrong idea. Similarly, every child differs in mental attitudes, likes and dislikes. Applying the same styles on every child is destructive. Looking behind to your own experiences will help to certain extents to determine effective way of parenting.
Look back and analyze how you were brought up and amend all the mistakes your parents have committed in parenting. What all worked positive in your life can be continued with your children too. Some books and parenting tips from experienced parents can render you helping hand as they are information on experiments and results in parenting.

The four pillars of parenting
Generally there are four characters appreciated as ways of good parenting. Following them will make you skilled parents. Availability, appreciation, affection and acceptance are the four pillars of parenting, as per the common understandings. Adapting all these characters into your parenting may help you to be skilled parents who are accepted as good parents. In fact, it is the children who are to certify your parenting skills. If they are happy, comfortable and successful in life, then you can claim to be good parents. Parenting skills is the way of making kids happy comfortable and successful in life.

1. Availability is the most important aspect that makes you a good parent. Being available for the kids is most important in parenting as the presence of parent means great for the children. They need to experience the love, care and concern of the parents by living with them. Presence of parents makes kids confident and smarter. Let them feel the warmth of affection of parents by feeling the presence always. Make yourself available for them especially when they need you. Children learn to live by observing the parents. Parents are their teachers, role models and precisely, their world.

2. Appreciation ranks next in the array of parenting skills. Every parent should learn to practice the art of appreciating the children whenever he/she finds a chance to do so. Appreciation is the most effective boosting agent for kids, especially from parents. Never open your eyes only to the faults of children, but be generous enough to appreciate your children for the achievements, how trivial it may be. Appreciation is the best way of correcting children. When you appreciate the good deeds and keep blind on minor mistakes, it is self learning experience for kids to realize what is good and what is to be avoided.

3. Affection, though not exactly a skill, but a must to have instinct, is considered as an essential skill when parenting skills are concerned. Children love to be loved. It is proven fact that whatever children do is to gain attention of the parents and achieve their love. Thus parents should be always willing to love children and express the love lavishly. Affection unexpressed is a waste. There are ways of letting your child know that you love him/her. Telling frequently that you love them, kissing and hugging them etc… are the most accepted ways of
affection. Affection is the binding aspect between parents and children.

4. Accepting children as they are is another skill that every parent should possess. Every child differs in character, skills and physical abilities. You may not get a child as you dreamt of. Accepting your child as he/she is is the best way of understanding them and defining your ways to be god parent. Acceptance will infuse in kids with the qualities of self esteem and higher levels of confidence.