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Know the Psychological Fitness of Your Children

Many people hold the misconception that psychological fitness is not substantial when it comes to children. They do not take decision their own; they depend on elders for everything. Therefore, the psychological aspects and emotional quotient levels are, many a times, ignored as les important. But in fact psychological fitness is essential for the proportional development of mind and body. It is the degree of psychological fitness a child acquires at the childhood makes him/her fit for the later life.
In general norms, psychological fitness is thinking and behaving in the accepted ways. Any abnormality in thinking or acting is considered as disability. This is the visible psychological unfitness. But many kids suffer from invisible or minor psychological abnormalities which are quite difficult to find out. But these trivial psychological issues may cause major behavioral impacts in the future life.
How to know if your child is psychologically fit? Many parents remain clueless when this question is asked. They provide kid with food, education, dress and all other comforts. But because of the ignorance, many parents just neglect the psychological health and growth of kids. Mentally retarded children show symptoms and abnormalities. Autism, learning disabilities, hyperlexia, hyperactivity disorders etc., can be easily diagnosed and treated. But there are many invisible disorders that many parents fail to detect and correct. Let us see few of the most common psychological issues; most of the kids suffer from.
Conduct disorder is the psychological unfitness that requires our prime attention. This is a disorder many children suffer from and parents neglect as immaturity of childhood. Aggressive behavior is the key symptom of this syndrome. You can very well determine the disorder from the cruel mentality of kids. Children affected with conduct disorder syndrome may enjoy fighting, bullying, physically assaulting etc. Proper way of guidance and counseling can correct this behavioral abnormality.
Separation anxiety is another common but rarely detected and treated disorder in children. Separation anxiety is the condition seen among kids. When they suffer from the stress of being separated from parents or when they are afraid of loneliness it is called separation anxiety. Many kids resist being alone even for short periods of time. Separation anxiety creates enormous amount of stress and tension and affects the mature growth of children. School refusal, academic adjustment problems etc., are very common symptoms of separation anxiety. Parents can eliminate the separation anxiety in children by convincing them of the amount of love and concern parents feel for them.
There are genetic related psychological issues too found among children. Elder people are experienced enough and emotionally strong to handle stressful situations. But the minds of kids are so delicate that they get affected with minor psychological imbalances and develop such abnormalities as chronic disorders. Most of the misbehaviors of kids are temporary and as growing older they may get rid of them. But certain childhood misbehaviors are symptoms of serious psychological unfitness. Therefore, parents are to be informed of all the possible psychological issues found among children and are to be aware of the approaches and treatment measures required for psychological abnormalities in childhood.
Achieving the proper mental fitness is not a one-day-task. No one born 100% psychologically fit. Just as the body parts develop and grow, psychological fitness and maturity is achieved gradually. The experiences in childhood contribute largely towards the sound growth of mental abilities. That is why it is told that no one is born with inborn behavioral patterns, all what we have is acquired and learned. Proper attention and care in the childhood will help kids to grow fit and sound. Psychological fitness of kids is absolute necessity as it is degree of emotional growth that determines the character, career and emotional balances of the person throughout the life. Parents can’t just feel the duties accomplished by growing the children physically healthy, but have to groom the kids emotionally and psychologically.
To know the psychological fitness of the kids and avail counseling and treatment close observation of children is required. Basic knowledge of psychological imbalances in children and detail observation and examination of kid’s behavior may reveal most of the abnormalities to parents. Unlike the mental illnesses found among elders, most of the kid’s issues can be treated and eliminated. Care, concern and lavish love is what it requires all.