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Make Your Kids Smarter

Every parent dreams of having smarter kids. Smart kids are real joy to the family. Smartness is not an inborn character but the result of the approaches of parents towards the children and grooming measures followed. Parents should have required knowledge and patience to make kids smarter. In fact, the minds of kids are compared to a ‘tabula rasa’, meaning blank slate. Or it can be compared to a blotting paper. What all enters the mind get imprinted in mind. Parents can very well condition the minds of children to be smarter.

As the common concepts, a smart kid is one who is not shy and exhibits higher level of intelligence. Kids are expected to act up to their ages. Smarter kids learn things faster and react to situations in the most mature way. Smartness is not a learned skill but imbibed. Parents can only create the right atmosphere for the kids to grow smarter. Let us see the common practices to help the kids grow smarter.

Steps to Raising Kids Smarter and Intelligent

1. The road to smartness opens with breast feeding. Breast milk is the essential element for the proportional growth of the brain. It gives all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the brain to function perfectly. The more the children are breast fed, the higher the possibilities of them growing smarter.
2. Train their brains to digest harder information and knowledge through mind games. Once the children reach the school going age, teach them mind games like Sudoku, chess etc., such games will make them think. This will help the child to grow intelligent and smart.

3. The next step is to communicate with the children. Communication at home is training for them to mingle with people outside. Teach them what to talk, when to talk and how to talk. Appreciate when they respond in the right way while talking with parents. This will infuse great confidence into them and eliminate the possibilities of becoming introvert. Playing with kids, reading for kids and singing with them etc., are good practices to enhance the communication skills of kids.

4. Proper food habits and healthy body keeps them smart. Teach your kids with disciplined lifestyle at the early childhood itself. Let them sleep at designated hours and participate in household activities. Never let you baby skip breakfast. Proper exercise, refreshment and proper food habits help the child live healthy and smart. There will be a sound mind only in a sound body.

5. The education of your kids should not be limited to the academic classes. Extracurricular learning is essential for the kids to be smarter and efficient. Let them learn music, martial arts, swimming, cycling or any activity of their interests. Such extracurricular activities are said to boost the learning skills of children and they will score high in academic levels too. Let them explore all the activities of their interests and learn lessons of life from them.

6. If you really wish to have smarter kids, let the kids feel that the parents always stand by them. The support and encouragement of parents is the unmatched boosting element for them. Never ever let your child feel that he/she is a lonely island far away from the world of parents. Include them in all the homely activities and give ears for their suggestions, complaints and talks; however silly they are.
All these measures will groom your child to smarter and intelligent.