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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Parent Children Relationship

Maintaining better relationship with kids is not an easy task as their emotions are very much delicate and immature. Children do not interpret what they observe and feel, but just react in the most spontaneous way to what they see. They understand things just the way they feel them; thus dealing with them requires skill and maintaining proper and better relationship with children is a hard to crack nut. There are suggested ways of dealing with the feelings of children and manipulating the relationship with them. Taking a bit of extra effort will make parents affectionately attached with children.
Most important is to make them feel that you care for them, you love and you consider them. This is the right way of achieving the trust of children and having a healthy relationship with them. Let us see the proven methods of having positive relationships with children.

Express your emotions; verbally
Tips on maintaining better relationship with children is not all the tips on pretending with kids and hacking their minds. It is the psychologically and socially accepted and proven practices to prune kids and still be better parents to them. As told earlier, children believe what they see; therefore say frequently that you love them. Verbal and physical expressions of love and care make kids believe that parents are always with them. Tell them every day that you love them unconditionally. The knowledge that parents remain with them throughout the life will help them grow more confident and smarter. Few simple words of love like, ‘I love you’, have abundant impact in maintaining better relationship with kids.

Find time to spend with them
Let your kids be addressed with a pet name at home. The original name often becomes a formal word to address the kid. A pet name or a special name will help to establish a feeling of affection between the parent and child. Pet names are, in fact, codes to denote the level of affection between parents and child. Calling them by the pet names is effective to gain the love and trust of kids in return. Spending more time with anyone, essentially, helps to grow richer in relationship. Kids demand the presence and concern of parents all the way throughout childhood and further. Parents need to understand the amount of inspiration kids can get from the presence and love of parents.

Respect kids feelings and choices
Respect the feelings and choices of your kids. This will generate a mutual respect between children and parents. Children are tending to express their choices at the childhood itself. They express their likes about toys dress etc. Parents need to respect their choices by not telling emphatic no to them when they tell you their likes and wishes. It is possible that children may go wrong and may wish for an object which does not suit them. Denying their choices instantly will make them feel rejected and dejected. Respecting the choices of children and learn to deny them in the most soothing way by convincing kids the fact why you deny it them. Never consider children as miniature human beings with inferior minds or immature psychic realms. They are miniatures only in the physical form in the feelings level and in the emotional levels, they are intense enough same as elders.

Make them priority and seek their opinions
Parents need to make kids a priority in life. Kids are the leaders of tomorrow. It is through them the mankind goes ahead; they are the essential links in the continuity of human race. Every parent has to bear in mind this essential realization and should grow up the kids as responsible human beings. Teach them to have own opinions about all that is related to them. You can ask their suggestions whenever you take a decision for them. This practice helps kids to feel that they are people of importance at home. Good parents and good friends always. Parenting in better relationship with people is just understanding the kids and developing an atmosphere of mutual respect at homes. Ignored kids are found to grow up as social nuisance and anti-social persons. The warmth of parental affection and interpersonal relationship with parents help kids to become mature enough and responsible enough to handle his own life as well that of his/her fellow beings.
Better relationship with kids is necessary to interfere and influence in the grooming process of kids. When children feel affection towards parents, he/she may feel the obligation to follow the guidelines of parents.