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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Kids Toys

Kids are called little explorers. They are curious about all that they see and hear. They tend to touch, bite and smell what all reach their hands. It is by feeling them with senses they understand things and learn skills. Toys help the purpose of developing all such skills and shaping them more intelligent and smarter. But buying toys for your kids is not an easy task as a typical toy shop may make you overwhelmed with the variety toys marketed today.
There are toys meant for each age group and each character group. Toddler’s toys are different from that of a school going kid. Same way, a baby girl may not be given a baby boy’s toys. Many people consider toys as tools of just diverting the attention of kids and making them engaged. But, in fact, toys help developing the interests of kids and thus forming their career and life in future.
Try to buy “open-ended” toys for toddlers. Open ended toys are nothing but the tools that can be used in variety of ways. Toddlers do not use anything for its designated purpose. They tear things apart, open parts, buildup things and pull out and put back things. Toddlers love to assemble and disassemble toys. Keeping this characteristic of toddlers in mind, parents have to buy specially designed toys. Wooden or plastic building blocks, miniature shapes of animals and human, interlocking blocks etc., are great toddler toys. Certain toys can be used for multiple age groups. Such toys will reduce the amount spent on toys.
Try to buy toys that help problem solving and skill learning for your kids. There are toys that help developing the logical thinking in children and grow their thinking capacities. A toy should not be a tool that simply wastes time and energy of kids. Before buying a toy, think a while on the positive possibilities and benefits of the tool on your kids. It is through the toys toddlers learn the basic motor skills and coordination techniques.
Eye-hand coordination is learned in the childhood through such tools and games. Parents should seek for toys that help developing the intelligence and imagination of children. The imagination help growing creativity of kids, which in future shapes their brain into well functioning.
There are toys that resemble real stuff and tools of daily usage. Mobile phone toys, TV remote shaped toys etc., are examples of them. Playing with such real stuff toys will make kids familiar with such tools and in future they will learn to use the original stuff easily. This will also help kids to feel concerned. They watch parents or elders using such objects.
The real stuff toys help kids to feel capable of using things same as elders. Board games and electronic games are meant for kids above three or five years. Do not introduce electronic games to toddlers. They may adversely affect the mental growth of kids.
It is important to be aware of the quality of materials the toys are made of. Most of the toddler toys are made of plastic or fiber. Be very careful to select the toys as cheap plastics may contain several dangerous chemical elements. Toddlers take anything into mouth as a basic instinct. The chemicals used in color and plastics may reach their body and create health issues.
Make sure you buy a branded item with proper indications of included chemical elements. Some kids may develop allergic reactions to some toys. Once found to be allergic, and then avoid similar kind materials and keep such toys away from the kids. Make sure that the toys are strong enough that they do not break into pieces easily.
Small fragments of toys may be swallowed by kids, which may cause threats to the lives of kids. Go for fire resistant toys to ensure extra protection and safety. Non toxic materials keep the kids safe and healthy. Certain toys make loud noises which will damage the haring capacity of kids. Avoid such toys too, for better health of kids.
The toys that help the development of cognition and logical skills are generally called smart toys. Smart toys help learning as kids play. Smart toys also will develop a liking for intelligent activities in kids. Whatever toy you purchase for your kids should make the kids to somehow apply their skills and creativity, rather just watching it. For example it is better to buy a doll whose limbs can be bent same as human beings, than purchasing a stiff doll. A convertible toy challenges the creativity of a child and helps him/her to multiply the skill sets.