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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Tips to cultivate positive psychology of parenting

Parenting is to be positive always. Parenting is an action with assured reactions. If parents adapt positive parenting styles, the reaction will be positively responding, mature and responsible kids. Similarly, negative parenting may result in rebelling or less affectionate children. Positive parenting is possible only through changing the mental aspects of parents into a positive parenting psychology. The positive psychology of parenting simply means, being positive in the thinking, attitude and dealings with the kids. Cultivating positive psychology in parenting will help parents to be best parents and also to grow up the kids as socially responsible human beings.

Positive emotions

Learning to express positive emotions is the first step of cultivating positive psychology of parenting. Many parents find children as a source to fire away their emotion and deal with them angrily and arrogantly. Experts say that expressing the negative emotions to kids will create far stretching results in their lives. Negative emotions like anger, rage, arrogance, violence etc… are to be controlled when dealing with kids. The reason to say that is kids may not understand the negative feeling as it is. They may misunderstand them as the possible ways of expressing the feelings and reacting. Also the sensitive mind of children may feel like unwanted or condemned. Be graceful to children when communicating with them. Make a pleasant atmosphere around your kids and you.

Being optimistic

Parenting is not an action which gives with immediate results. Gradual persistence is the only way to be successful parents. Each and every action in parenting is aimed at future results. Losing hope and becoming angry for even minor mistakes of children and trivial failures is the wrong way of parenting. Being optimistic is one of the ways of cultivating positive psychology of parenting. Constantly train the kids and be optimistic to expect the results in the long run.

Respond positively

Responding positively is a mode of positive parenting. Kids constantly observe the parents and learn from their behavior and manner of expressions. Reacting negatively is a bad communication with them. Responding positively means dealing with them in the positive way, especially in communication. When kids ask permission or demand you to buy them something, do not explode with an absolute ‘no’, but approach the situation in the most positive manner and instead of denying it convincing them why they are not granted permission or why the thing that they demand for can’t be bought for them. Denying frequently or answering with no’s always may put down the spirit of children and make them feel that parents do not love them.

Positive attitude

Positive attitude in parenting is what parents should have to become successful parents. In actions, in communication and in attitude they have to be positive and creative. Positive attitude and approach help parents to see kids as kids and understand their mind deeply. Positive attitude in parenting is essential to not get into arguments with children and not getting angry so often. When kids get into pranks most parents become angry and get into corrective measures like punishments. A positive approach, instead of punishing children instinctively, will try to understand the reason behind the particular mode of action of children and approach the issue in the most constructive and creative manner to not make the spirits of the child down.

Empowering children

Only when parents get into positive parenting by developing a positive psychology of parenting they can empower children with positive attitudes and essential values of life. The positive psychological approach will make kids feel affectionate with parents and see them friends instead of cause of punishment and arrogant supervisors. Children are to be empowered in many aspects of life. Academic skills and knowledge, artistic skills, problem solving abilities, arguing, defending and protecting self dignity etc… are few of the aspects where parents need to empower kids with valuable real life lessons. There are many things in life that cannot be taught by punishment or advice. They are to be acquired by kids by watching parents or observing the society. A positive psychology in parenting helps parents to be positively thinking role models and kids will acquire such positive qualities from them.