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What is Positive Parenting

What is Positive Parenting? Rules to be positive parents
Parenting, as people often misconceive, is not the same for all the parents and there are multiple parenting styles that can be adapted to grow up your kids. But most of the parents do not ponder over the ways to be followed to grow each of their kids. Parenting is a spontaneous outcome for many. Behavioral psychologists say that parents can mold their kids as they wish by deliberate parenting styles. If you have more than one child, the style found effective for one may not bring the same result with the second.

Understanding kid’s character, mental attitudes, physical abilities etc., are essential to determine the style to be followed. Positive parenting is the most appreciated style of parenting, which is found effective to mould the kids as mature and responsible social beings. Positive parenting simply means developing the kids maintaining a supportive and respective relationship with them. Before entering into the positive parenting styles, parents have to be sure of the goals, values and strategies to be applied and followed.

Positive Parenting Tips
Understanding the children is the key to positive parenting. If you fail to see through the minds of kids, then whatever parenting style you adapt, they may go untouched on the formation of the kid. Learn the desires, thinking pattern, passions, behavioral levels etc., of kids. Close observation and affectionate communication will give you entrance to the minds of children. Remember, you can’t just forcefully mould kids into the desired characters.
Kids are full human beings with a full functioning mind, just like elders. Trespassing into their personal areas will result in rebellion and rejection of commands. Understanding the kids and infusing good manners and proper behavioral patterns with positive methods will help kids to imbibe the character; parents try to make them follow.
Being proactive is inevitable to be positive parents. Learn to read the actions of kid and be ready to react in the most positive manner. There should not be any communication gap between parents and kids. Children may not express all their feelings to parents. A proactive parent can intrude into the world of his/her kid and suggest solutions and guidelines even before children get into misbehaviors. This is the highly accepted pattern of positive parenting. Scaring the kids with punishments will engulf gaps between parents and children. Frequent punishments will make kids retracting from parents. Discipline them with love convince them logically, the necessity of being good and responsible.

Showing pleasant faces to kids whenever possible will make them feel attached and affectionate with parents. Positive parents should know that the gestures of parents are the first lessons to kids. Smiling at them will create a friendly environment with kids, and in such friendly situations kids can be trained with indirect methods. Kids will respond positively to the people they feel affectionate with. Never ever make your kids feeling avoided especially when they expect your smile or appreciation. Appreciating the good efforts or achievements of kids is a positive sign for them and indirect suggestion of what you like them to follow. Not being destructively critical is equally important as appreciating the kids.

Every parent tries to apply positive parenting is to understand that successful parents are made on a single day. It is the result of constant effort of several years. You can’t make you child overdo with activities and extracurricular functions. Parents have to slow down when they feel the child is given heavier burdens. Character formation is a lengthy process and trying to infuse everything into child at rocket speeds is dangerous. Give a lesson to the child and give him/her time to digest them. Extracurricular activities and mental games will enrich the children with definitive results, but too many of them will develop and aversion towards them.

Advice is trivial before real life examples. Parents are to be the role models of kids. Kids imbibe most of the behavioral patterns directly from parents. If parents can be good role models, then character formation of children is easier. Parents are the human beings child interacts mostly with, right from the infancy. No one influences the kids as deeply as parents do. Being good role models to kids is half the way of the character formation of kids. Love your kids unconditionally if you want to influence them to be responsible and mature enough. Telling that you love your kids is not just enough. Let your love overflow and get expressed lavishly. Hugs, kisses, words of love, affectionate responses etc. will help the kids to understand the depth of your love and concern towards them. Being positive parents is not a simple and easy-to-do task. You have to be dedicated enough to mould your babies into best human beings.