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Why do babies cry

Why do babies cry? Understanding & dealing with crying baby
Crying is the one and only inborn expression in kids and they cry for known and unknown reasons. Many parents o not know why their babies cry and many a times misconceive the cry as a symbol of anger or hunger. But in fact, kids express a lot of emotions through crying. If asked why babies cry, the best possible answer is that they cry because they can’t talk. They invite the attention of others by crying; they convey their sadness, discomfort, anger and agony in crying and also cry as a means of exploring newly found capability of producing sound. It is essential for parents to understand the kids and know the when the child cries. The action of crying cannot be limited to just a common mode of expressing different feelings, but kids express each emotion with various types of cries.

Types of cries
Kids cry in different ways. Observing the kids and learning the child is the only way to read from the cry. Each type of cry will be a warning to parents or a call to help. They at certain intervals when they are hungry; kids cry mildly as a resistance to an unwanted situation; a sudden and shrilling cry may indicate a pain; continues cry may tell about an illness. Learning to read the emotion of the child from the cry is essential to provide the kids with the exact help they need. It is important to understand that children will never break into cry, if he/she has nothing to convey. A cry is an indication of an essential communication with the parents. Parents are the best people to read the cries of own kids as they are the people who spend more time with kids and who understand the kids more deeply.

How to deal with a crying baby?
A crying baby is not a naughty baby, but a smart and active baby who is capable of communication. They are not trying to irritate the parents when they cry, but trying to attain the attention of parents in the only known way to them. Dealing with a crying baby is not a difficult task if you know the best possible ways to do it. Many parents try to divert the attention of babies when they cry, and it is found that when the attention is diverted kids stop crying. But this is a wrong approach to the cry of baby. Children cry because of a certain reason. Diverting their attention may stop them crying, but the cause still remains underneath. Learn why the child cries and try to resolve the issue, and the child may feel comfortable and will stop crying.

Hunger is the most common cause for babies to cry. Feed them at certain intervals and make them always filled. Make the child remain at the most comfortable sleeping position and peaceful environment. Loud music, talking etc., may make them feel discomfort and the kids will start crying. When they cry, do not try to stop it by scaring them or scolding them. Crying is the only way for parents to understand the exact feelings of children. If scared to cry, they may naturally suppress most of the minor emotions and may lose the emotional attachment with parents in future life. Let them cry and communicate with parents.

Babies are to be attended immediately when they start crying. A cry can be out of a simple irritation or serious life risking danger. Whatever it is, a cry of the babies should be taken seriously and the baby should be attended immediately. Do not get into sudden conclusion and presume why the child cries.
Presence of parents, comforting techniques etc., make them feel eased. Do not consider crying children as a disturbance and encourage them to talk instead of crying. Loudly crying children are more likely to talk sooner than the calm babies.