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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Seven Wealth E-Resources Private Limited took a very different kind of initiative regarding the life transformation where everyone can change his/her life and live a purposeful life on this earth

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Craft Life Club

We offer Craft Life Club membership to each and every individual on this globe. The registered members will have access to information relating to life transformation which will in-fact help them to learn to live a positive lifestyle and accomplish the dreams of life. The theory is based on the concept that wealth isn’t just about making money. There are actually seven necessary elements that everybody needs to create and earn in life to highest levels before you call yourself rich.

Everybody is keen to become rich and have dreams in life but how many of us actually know HOW TO BECOME RICH and what is real RICHNESS?

Craft Life Club is an online club where we provide such information/gadgets/sources/platform to the members that can help to create awareness and to have the techniques for better management for creating desired wealth in life. It is a step forward to create awareness among the members to know more about the ART OF LIVING life. Learn the techniques to become a real rich, understand the secrets of art of Living and becoming rich.

The theory is based on the concept that wealth isn’t just about making money. There are actually seven elements that you want to raise to world-class levels before you call yourself rich. These elements are: –

Seven Forms of Wealth
1st – Wealth of Creative Health
2nd – Wealth of Global Family
3rd – Wealth of Profession
4th – Wealth of Prosperity in Fiscal Matters
5th – Wealth of Creative Learning
6th – Wealth of Spiritual Awakening
7th – Wealth of Secrets
*Our specialization is to teach, how to earn/create and to have balanced growth of seven wealths

Brief about Seven Types of Wealth

Wealth of Creative Health
Health can, at best, be defined as that enthusiasm and creativity which emanates from a sense of well-being. This includes the physical, psychological, environmental, social and spiritual aspects of existence. When seen the other way round, health is not mere absence of physical illness.

Wealth of Global Family
Related to this is the imperative of forging deep connections with spouse, children, friends and members of your GLOBAL COMMUNITY. We have to be social and remain connected with our nears and dears around the globe to spread love, peace, harmony and keep updated. We are a part of global community so we have to think and react globally.

Wealth of Profession
Actualizing highest potential by reaching for the best in one’s career is incredibly important. One’s profession gives a purpose to life to move ahead and achieving the defined goals. Getting to greatness in profession brings a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. It helps you make your mark. Being world class in your work is so good for your self-respect.

Wealth of Prosperity in Fiscal Matters
Money is important. Not the most important thing in life but very important. It absolutely makes life easier and better. Money allows you to buy your food, day-today consumer goods, educating your child(ren), live in a nice home, medium of travelling, going on beautiful vacations and gives a power to buy everything as per your financial positions for those you love. To meet your fiscal matters, wealth of prosperity or riches is one of basic needs.

Wealth of Creative Learning
Practical learning in life is always come from the challenging and bold steps taken by the human being. You may have a best learning out of these things but not necessary to go out for long expeditions, cliff climbing, mountaineering, surfing in ocean to challenge giant waves, going in deep blue sea/ocean, jumping from a plane in the air, or any other life threatening adventures, despite one can find adventure in early wake up and going for morning walk, doing exercises, preparing food on a picnic, long drive to a hill station with family or friends, meeting new people etc. etc. A person should be filled with passion and positive energy to do something in life. One must have a purpose to live on our home – earth and move forward in every walk of life to achieve the defined goals. Success is a synonym of survival in difficult situations. Life has to be fun filled to enjoy every moment of it with happiness and abundance along with others as well.

Wealth of Spiritual Awakening
Positive mindset, high self-respect, internal peace and a strong spiritual connection with the supreme are some of the tools to get success in life. Spiritual or Inner Wealth is the knowledge about yourself. Who am I and what my purpose to take birth in this world? What my values and goals of life? You need to discover these questions. Life is not just to live and taken as granted. Life is there in animals and in plants as well. What makes us different from these? Self awareness, self respect, crafting your goals in life, discovering purpose of life, creating a vision and mission for the life, controlling the life, controlling the mind, how to achieve success and career goals in life, how and whom to worship or remember all the time in every walks of life, etc. these are some of the real life questions to be answered before we go. You are living your own life and all decisions to be yours that how to make it better and purposeful. Earn money and only enjoy your life is not make it complete and purposeful. You need to go for extra mileage to discover the answers of your life.

Wealth of Secrets
What is the difference you are going to make in this world? Your health, respect, rewards and recognitions, appreciations, appearance, positive lifestyles, inspiration to others, follow your line cannot be bought rather to be earned.
What IMPACT you want to leave on this world – the universe or humanity, a positive or a negative. Choice is totally yours; you cannot hold responsible others for your actions and performances. Besides this, the meaning of life is something more than just surviving. It’s about creating your place in the world, to make someone greater out of yourself and live the greatest and cheerful life.

The life is full of secrets; you do not know what come next. But it is very much possible to create your destiny which is totally ONLY in your hands. Each of us craves to be significant, to make a difference in the world, to know that the world has somehow been better because we have walked the planet. You can create your own subset within the universal set.

The deepest longing of the human heart is to live for something greater than itself. Think of what your mission on earth is over and done with: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”

Now the BIG question is

We can help you to achieve all these wealths in your life to be successful in every walks of life.

The unmatched techniques and instruments we offer at SWER are

Dreamer CHI
SWER Games
Spider Clock


We offer Craft Life Club Membership to each and every individual, whether you are a school going student, collegiate, businessman, employee, housewife, retiree, professional, etc.

What you will get during your membership period.

  1. The registered Craft Life Club members will be provided, information and material online with the objective of creating awareness among the members and teaching/coaching the members – How to create/earn balance in life regarding all the seven desired wealth in desired proportion in order to have a positivity, getting maximum out of life and manage time?
  2. Teaching and providing material related to different techniques and tools available and used by the successful persons around the globe. Providing such information, easy to understand and making it user friendly through different media of communication.
  3. Members can attend the online workshops and training programs on the website.
  4. Registered members can attend the training and developmental workshops in physical but this will be at your cost at different places around the globe.
  5. Craft Life Club Membership Certificate will be provided to the registered members in Digital form from Seven Wealth E-Resources on their registered E-mail IDs.

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