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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Seven Wealth E-Resources Private Limited took a very different kind of initiative regarding the life transformation where everyone can change his/her life and live a purposeful life on this earth

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This is a secret path to have everything in your life whatever you dream of. The ONLY answer to all of your worries is DREAMER CHI. This unique process will educate and guide you how to remain awakened to fulfill your dreams of life, how to visualize and manifest your dreams, how to manage your time, how to earn seven wealth in your life etc.

A Small Thing Can Change Your Life

You Are Just Moments Away
Discovering The Secrets For RICHNESS

What Do The Rich And Famous KNOW and DO That You Don’t?

Every human being wants to live in abundance in all aspects of life, it may be health, wealth, peace of mind, relations, elimination of fear or phobia etc. etc. BUT HOW? and how many of us actually know the SECRETS. Becoming rich is not an accident or just mere a chance, those who are/becoming rich are different from the average masses, and the only difference is of having Knowledge and Art of adopting the secrets.

You will be AMAZED at what you can achieve once you put these secrets to work for you. Now, imagine how you would feel once you TRULY found these and how happy you’d be if you could easily accomplish your Dreams of Life or Goal or Mission Statements.

Everybody has some dreams in life, something to achieve, something to be. Here, we are not concerned about the dreams that we take or see during sleep (nighttime dreams), in fact we are talking about your WISHLIST, we are seriously concerned over the dreams of life, purpose of life, the desires that we have in our life and want to fulfill those for self or family or society or universal as a whole.
Now, another BIG ? How to CATCH the dreams? To hold the dreams is really very difficult. In, general, dreams cannot be tied or kept somewhere or even we cannot remember our dreams all the time. Then what we should do to fulfill the dreams as it will go in this universe once we take a dream but when it will be achieved or manifest or when it will be received in physical?

Which DREAMS are fulfilled?


Keeping in mind the various aspects of life, secrets and different applicable natural Laws, theories, best practices of the successful people around the globe, we at SWER have developed DREAMER CHI which will DEFINITELY help you in getting your dreams fulfilled and becoming rich.

The word “DREAMER CHI” is a combination of two things DREAMS and CHI.

DREAM: – Every human being has a WISH LIST, the matter is how a man visualizes his wish list in his conscious or unconscious mind whether during night dream or daydream. The things of wish list can be received only after dreaming in mind and visualizing in open eyes.
In other words – Any set goal or desired wishes of a human being can be fulfilled, obtained and achieved with a system of dreaming and visualization.

CHI: – Chi means aliveness, life force energy or life breath – also known as Prana, Ki, or Qi. Universal Life Force Energy – The Aura, Chakras and Meridians.

Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world – known as an Aura – is a scientifically proven fact. ‘Chi‘ (pronounced Chee) is the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing. The life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians or chakras – of all living forms, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The energy of Chi emits vibrant, bright colors (the aura), a vibrational frequency, and a sound. When Chi becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, dis-ease and illness begin to take form – the aura becomes darker and discolored, personal frequency vibrates incorrectly, and the chakras (energy centers – Indian origin) and the meridians (energy pathways – Chinese origin), within the body, become blocked.
Also the lateral meaning of CHI in Hindi is “Cheez” – item, article or object.

“DREAMER CHI” – Combining the aspects of Dreaming, CHI, Law of Attraction, Gratitude, Quantum Physics, GOD particle, Energy Vibration DREAMER CHI has been invented. DREAMER CHI basically widens the Aura around the Dreamer. It also helps dreamer to get the memory again and again on touching / seeing the DREAMER CHI.

DREAMER CHI is form of “OMPHALOS” has amazing powers of fulfilling your dreams. The power of attraction towards your dreams, keep you energetic, motivated and inspired every time. Above all it acts as Souvenir for dreams and mission statements of your life. It is your companion everywhere, whether you are working, worried, alone, helpless, hopeless – you can start talking to your DREAMER CHI and it will respond through your conscious mind.

The Better You Learn and Practice, The Faster You Will Be At Peace and Be Able To Create The Life You Desire.

DREAMER CHI is a globally accepted, simple and easy to use. It is totally a scientific process, NO SUPERSTITIONS at all.

Each one of us may have different dreams to achieve. When you have a DREAM and you ASK the universe to make available with your Deep Emotions, it will be PRESENTED to you. This super consciousness – cosmos prepares plans to fulfill your dream.

“SWER DREAMER CHI” Package comprises the following : –

  3. DREAMER’s Vision Board
  4. Brief about Seven Wealth Concept
  5. Dreamer’s Vision Sheet
  6. SWER Pen
  7. User Guide
  8. Brief about applicable Laws and Systems – “Law of Attraction”, “Law of Gratitude”, “Laws of Quantum Physics”, “Concepts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)” and “Spider Clock Time Management System”


“All the dreaming in the world won’t do a bit of good unless you’re ready to wake up and go to work” – John C. Maxwell

In other words, “Dreams are not that you see during sleep but these are not let you sleep unnecessarily”.

What do you want – one or all?
Harmony, Health, Prosperity, Abundance, Joy, Wealth, Love, Peace, Happiness, Friendship, Kindness

To achieve the goals of life and giving a purpose to be here on earth, the ONLY product “DREAMER CHI” enables you to learn the secrets and achieve your desired goals.

Live an Inspired and Rewarding Life

Rewarding Life




100 You have a full 30 days to use your DREAMER CHI and see if it isn’t all we’ve promised it is. If you do not see or feel a single positive change in your life. If it isn’t, just let us know in what way it’s failed to fulfill any of those promises and we’ll refund your payment – GUARANTEED! Get your ‘DREAMER CHI’ NOW!


Product Items Included in SWER DREAMER CHI Packages Currency Price Shipping Cost (Within India) Shipping Cost (Out of India)
DREAMER CHI SWER’s DREAMER CHI, SWER’s Garvi, DREAMER’s Vision Board, Brief About Seven Wealth Concept, Dreamer’s Vision Sheets, SWER Pen, User Guide and Brief about applicable Laws and Systems – “Law of Attraction”, “Law of Gratitude”, “Laws of Quantum Physics”, Concept of NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Spider Clock Time Management System. Order Now !!
India (INR) 2,000.00 200.00 800.00

Note: – Packaging and Delivery charges extra as mentioned above (subject to change).