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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Seven Wealth E-Resources Private Limited took a very different kind of initiative regarding the life transformation where everyone can change his/her life and live a purposeful life on this earth

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Success Stories of Dreamer CHI and other Laws.

Life is full of joy, happiness and abundance if we utilize the different Laws for Success in life. I always have questions and mind was full of negativity, why I was not as successful as few other people are. Never tried to find this question that why is it so. Why ONLY 10-12% people in the world live their life in abundance, happiness and prosperity. There must be something behind this. I cannot forget the day when I came across with SWER that changed my life. I am using Dreamer CHI, applying the Laws for success and Spider Clock Time management system. Now my life is totally changed. Many small positive things happen with me many times a day and this system attracted a platform for me to start my own business very soon. It is a wonderful system if we learn and apply total. No words Only Action. Thanks SWER.

Rajnish, Chandigarh, India

It is my immense pleasure to share my learning with all of you the visitors on the website and users of Dreamer CHI. Earlier I was always short of time and crying for more and more time in day to complete my tasks and NO time left for my family and friends. NO time for my personal life to enjoy. Really the Spider Clock Time Management System told me how to utilize the time and be happier. Now I am learning the Seven Wealth Concept which is great and an eye opening science towards self. Good Times Ahead for me with SWER.

Ranjan, Chandigarh, India

When I visited your website while searching the tools for the dreams come true on internet. As I have tested many other tricks, Big claims from others and magical changes in life in a week. Then I come across Dreamer CHI and read the details of the product and NOT a superstition and 100% Money-back Guarantee, and then I thought, there will be no loss for me in either way. I ordered for Dreamer CHI and learned and practiced as per guidelines. I felt amazing changes and results within a week. One of my important works was not happening since long (around 8 months) and thought it will not happen now but when I put my focus and applied Law of Attraction and Gratitude, it just happened within 6 days. I said, it was great and then I thought about my other dreams of life and prepared a Dream Board as directed by SWER. I took two promotions in my organization within 5 months. It is Really, Really AMAZING. No other words.

Mohit Bhargav, Sydney, Australia

When I was doing my masters in computer application, then in one of the class we all the students were told to write down “What you will be after 5 years?”. Everybody wrote their own goal of life and I wrote as “Principal of a School”. As I have interest in teaching, I never thought of this that when and how this will be possible. It was just a dream. To be the principal of a school, you must have rich experience in school and qualifications. But the circumstances at home not allowed me to work outside but there was a desire inside, so I started taking tuition at home and I think it was the first step but nothing has happened for nearly 3 years. Then suddenly my brother-in-law who is running his own school came to our home alongwith the some students and teachers returning from a school trip. The next morning they told me that why don’t you open a school, we will help you in every area. They have been visiting us approximately once in a month and it was never suggested. The reason behind this was I was lacking in memorizing and practicing the Law of Attraction. It is Dreamer CHI which I feel and believe the driving force to accomplish this dream of becoming the Principal of a School and that is of my OWN SCHOOL. This really works on Laws not the superstitions. Great !!

Savapna Reddy, Bangalore, India

I bought SWER’s Dreamer CHI a couple of weeks ago and it is simply amazing, just by starting each day, touching and kissing in the morning I feel great and have a great day today. I used this concept as per directions and as a result good things started happening to me everyday, too many to be a coincidence like Parking space always available, I’m never held up in traffic jams or so. I am using and practicing the Law of Attraction and approaching and achieving my goals of life which I ever thought as impossible. Now, I am confident enough to achieve my goals of life. Thanks a Lot to SWER!

R. Michelle, Birmingham, UK