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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Seven Wealth E-Resources Private Limited took a very different kind of initiative regarding the life transformation where everyone can change his/her life and live a purposeful life on this earth

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SWER’s Spider Clock – Time Management System

Time Management – Self Management – Way to Success

How many of us really understand the concept of time investment? Time management is very important and critical to move ahead, balanced growth in all aspects, leadership, respect and successful life. If we are not managed, we cannot manage our home, office, business, future and results will be drastic.
We all have read that “TIME IS MONEY“, How many of us really know about this? Manage yourself and your time to create a great destiny.

There are different time management tools and techniques for time management, one of them are SWER’s SPIDER CLOCK TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Look at the graph below and try to understand the spider clock.

spider clock

Most of us could not understand the above graph, YES, this is really difficult to understand the SPIDER CLOCK as it is difficult to manage time. Most of the people you can generally find saying “I don’t have time”. But once you try to study their routines of life, you will find that their time utilization is really imperfect.

You will agree that money can be multiplied with money, but those who don’t have money, how can they multiply? they need to make money first by making investment of time, which everyone has in abundance.

The above graph is a graphical presentation of the data mentioned below in the table. Read the table and ask yourself, if you can follow the below chart of suggested time division and make your time an investment to create the desired seven wealth.

Suggested Daily Time Investment For Overall Wealth Creation
Wealth Percentage Share Hours
Wealth of Creative Health Maintaining good health – Sufficient Sleep, Yoga, Mind empowering, physical exercise, Walk, Pranayam, Refreshing etc. 38% 09.00
Wealth of Global Family  Time for family and society 2% 00.30
Wealth of Profession Employment / Business routine duty time 40% 09.30
Wealth of Prosperity in Fiscal Matters Doing business is not enough to earn money, invest time to manage finances to earn extra. 8% 02.00
Wealth of Adventure  Survival Techniques, knowledge bank. Recreation, 2% 00.30
Wealthof Spiritual Awakening  Belief system, Self analysis, worship 2% 00.30
Wealth of Secrets  Law of Gratitude and Attraction 2% 00.30
Consequence Wealth Invest it just for fun, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Sudden consequences or happenings 6% 01.30
Total 100% 24.00

Follow the suggested time table to convert your idle time into an investment.

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The course has been designed to teach the latest theories adopted by the successful administrators, business tycoons etc.

Brief details about what is time management, tools and techniques used in practical life are mentioned below.

  1. How to Be Organized – Taking Control of Your Day Time is really the only capital any human being has, and the one thing he can’t afford to waste.” – Thomas Edison.
    Time spent in organizing, saves more productive time.
  2. Prioritization – Making Best Use of Your Time and Resources
    1. Simple Prioritization
    2. The Urgent/Important Matrix- Using Time Effectively, not Just Efficiently
      It’s urgent, but is it really important?
      What Are “Urgent” and “Important” Activities

      • Important activities have an outcome that leads to the achievement of your goals, whether these are professional or personal.
      • Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are often associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals.

      The Urgent/Important Matrix

    3. Strategies for Different Quadrants of the Matrix
    4. The Action Priority Matrix – Making the Very Most of Your Opportunities
    5. Managing Conflicting Priorities – Keeping People Satisfied
    6. Scheduling – Effective Scheduling
    7. Pickle Jar Theory – Make Your Schedule Work. Leave Time for Fun!
    8. Is This a “Morning” Task? – Scheduling Important Activities for the Right Time of Day
  3. Time Management Challenges
    1. Managing Interruptions – Maintain Focus, Keep Control of Your Time
    2. Dealing With Lateness – Solving Punctuality Problems
    3. Minimizing Distractions – Managing Your Work Environment
    4. Art of Concise Conversations – Stick to the Point – Humanely
    5. Creating Time in Your Day – Maximizing a Busy Schedule – Give yourself more time
    6. Concentration and Focus – Improve Your Concentration
    7. In Flow – Maximizing Productivity through Improved Focus
    8. The Flow Model – Balancing Challenge and Skills
    9. Flow is when tasks seem effortless, challenging, and rewarding – all at the same time
  4. Goal Setting – Personal Goal Setting – Planning to Live Your Life Your Way – Set powerful goals.
    SMART Goals

    A useful way of making goals more powerful is to use the SMART mnemonic

    • S – Specific (or Significant)
    • M – Measurable (or Meaningful)
    • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented)
    • R – Relevant (or Rewarding)
    • T – Time-bound (or Trackable)
  5. General Time Management Tools
    1. Activity Logs – Finding More Time in Your Day
    2. To Do Lists – The Key to Efficiency – How to write prioritized To-Do Lists
    3. Action Programs – Becoming Exceptionally Well Organized, Bringing focus to the way you work.
    4. Input Processing Technique – Managing Your Workflow Effectively
    5. Valuing Your Time – Finding Out How Much Your Time is Worth
    6. Multitasking – Can It Help You Get More Done?
    7. Leverage – Achieving Much More with the Same Effort – Achieve more with the right lever.
  6. Self-Discipline – Persisting Until You Reach Your Goals
    Learn how to be more disciplined.
    “You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself” – Jim Whittaker, American mountaineer and CEO.
  7. Overcoming Procrastination – Manage Your Time. Get It All Done
    If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone.

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