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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

- Mae West -

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Seven Wealth E-Resources Private Limited took a very different kind of initiative regarding the life transformation where everyone can change his/her life and live a purposeful life on this earth

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SWER Games

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Soon you will find Exciting, Creative, Inspirational, Motivating, Mind Busting, Mind Refreshing, Learning and Life Changing Games.

We at SWER have online and offline (download to play) games. These games are based on the concepts of seven wealth and life transformation. These games show, how you can achieve the goals of life, time management, earning of seven wealths, positive lifestyle, moving forward, remove fear from life, living healthy-wealthy and wise.

SWER GAMES – SWER has developed different games after immense research and development on the concepts of Seven Wealth and Life Transformation. All these games are to play for all age groups and we hope that the user will enjoy to its fullest to play these games and have a lot of learning. These SWER games will develop the character of a good human being and how to self-help and help others as well.

These games will direct you,

– How to achieve the goals of life
– How to manage your time
– How to earn desired Seven Wealths in life
– How to have a Positive Lifestyle
– How to move Forward in all walks of Life
– How to overcome Fear
– How to live Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
– And many more learning experiences for real life

You can play these Games Online on your System while using Internet Services or you can download the application on your PC or Phone.

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